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These exercises are amazing! After 3 years I’m actually getting relief for my knees. I have arthritis due to injury in both knees. I was willing to try about anything to get my mobility back (short of surgery)
Thank you!

I think it has been helping. Seem to have less pain but still need to take ibuprofen for swelling sometimes. Am still on second week.

I tried one of the exercises this afternoon (the patella shaking technique), and was very pleasantly surprised that it worked immediately to relieve the pain in my knees when I stood up from my recliner. This was huge, because usually when I get up, it takes me a minute to just stand there and then get walking because my joints are so stiff and sore. So, I am very encouraged that this is going to work for me, and will give me relief from the pain in my knees that has me walking like an injured football player lately.

I have been using the ideas personally and it has helped a long term issue
with a Knee damaged in a car accident over 60 years ago.. Recently I have been
using the principles with my track athletes at Dalhousie University in Halifax N.S.
Canada. I have been a Professor of Physiology for 39 years and a coach at
university and internationally for over 50 years. The use of isometrics is far from
new to me, but I am always looking for more sophisticated principles and improved
science.Thank you for the upgraded ideas. Very effective!!

Its over 1 weeks since I started with it and yesterday after my first run for the week I have noticed very good results. I dont feel the pressure on my knees like before and also it doesn't get pain or swollen

I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been sedentary for several years. I have gone through a slew of physical therapy and other treatments and am taking some very strong meds and supplements without much success. I have long complained that the problem was atrophied muscle around my knees rather than the knees itself. And had no clue what to do about it. Here comes your program and within days I am learning to walk again (with an Upwalker). I walked through my pain 1000 ft yesterday and 1250 ft today. And I have not even begun the whole first session! You give me hope. Thank you.

This simple exercise program took me from barely able to hobble around my 600 sf apartment to walking comfortably. Required persistence and time, but it really works!!! Thank you for helping to walk without pain again. I went down in November with the most crushing knee pain and bought your program. It was hard but I saw improvement every day. The doctor and the physical therapist, when I finally got an appointment, were amazed at how far I had rehabilitated myself already. I've had a steroid shot and keep doing the exercises. Walking comfortably again. Thank you!

Hi,I’m a Good Lifer. Thank you for your program. I have used it two days and have seen a tremendous relief in my left knee pain. I work out daily at 66 years old. Just recently came down with tendinitis.

I did your knee exercise the first time today and find it just a little easier to get up after sitting for a long time. Thanks again for coming up with the solution!

I am 64 years old, very active, and I’m in very good shape, but my body is failing me. My knees have also been very painful, especially at rest. Trying everything, buying everything nothing seems effective, even to start, let alone for the long haul – I was totally frustrated! I saw Feel Good Knees, but I thought “OK, I’m planning on a cortisone shot next week in the left knee, so let’s give this a shot first”. Last night, I did the pain relief” part of the routine. My knee pain virtually disappeared. This morning, I did the pain relief and rejuvenation section of the routine... I’m in! I’ve worked out for at least a half hour every morning for most of my adult life, followed by three mornings of basketball, till my body couldn’t take it any more. I was ready to give up everything, and just do an elliptical for 15 minutes a day, and “get old”. Your stuff is the first thing I’ve seen that gives me hope, and direction!

I have faithfully performed the isometrics for 4 days in a row now. The very first day, I knew these exercises would make a difference! My cranky knee still feels stiff and pain when I get up from sitting for a while, but it is already noticeably better!

Coach Todd's Phase 1 has helped me with respect to my knee pain and I have gone from having pain 100% of the time to just a bit at night. I'm hoping Phase II will take me to the next realm of healing!

I can tell my knees are improving daily. Less and less pain which I haven't felt for years. I especially like your rejuvenation techniques as my knees feel instant pain relief! Wow. So impressed with this Feel Good Knees program.

I started level II 3 days ago. My knees seem a little better

Their program for knees works like a charm. It really helped me... I highly recommend.

Aloha Coach Todd,
You are truly God sent. Your wisdom regarding FEEL GOOD KNEES is absolutely priceless….. I have been challenged with knee pain since March 2017. Meniscus tear, MCL tear and dreading the site of stairs. My love for surfing, skiing, rock climbing and dancing have been on hold. The pain has driven me to research and try everything I could possibly do to get rid of the pain.I started on Tuesday nite when I downloaded your videos. I have been experiencing unbearable stabbing pain in my left knee. I was blown away on how quick my knees where feeling better. Thank you again Coach Todd.

Have a Blessed day…


Started doing exercises, starting to feel a difference

I believe it is helping. I am not real faithful with it for a lot of reasons. But feel like it works.

I have been following your Feel Good Knees program for one week and already seeing a huge reduction in pain in my knees. Wow! It's so simple and feels so good after doing it. I am so excited because yesterday I took a walk in my favorite park next to my house and my knees didn't give me any pain like they normally do!

I am super happy with my results so far... not even into my full treatment plan yet... pain reduced since visit 1... I didn't know it was going to rain for the first time in years! LOL! :D

I am a 68 year old man and I recently purchased your program to help me gain strength after recovering from several years of health issues. Living with pain in my knees was just normal to me. I found your course and am so happy with the results. The exercses were easy to follow and didn't hurt while I was doing them. Because of your program, not only are my knees feeling better than they have felt in 30 years but I am much more solid and stable on my feet. And I don't feel any pain going up and down stairs anymore.

My knees are pretty bad. I am very pleased with the results of your exercises so far. Next week i will go into phase 2. The best part is that i now can perform other exercises in because my knees feel less painful. Pretty cool. Thank you!

I’m in phase 2. I’ve gone from barely being able to hobble painfully with a cane to walking with very little pain. The swelling is way down in the effected knee, too. Saw the chiropractor and she suspects a torn meniscus and sprain of the knee. She told me to continue the exercises since they are obviously effective and I’m improving. Fantastic product!

Actually I paid the $$... did the exercises and I can tell these are very effective. Different from what I've been seeing in physical therapy which actually didn't help me at all and I think this will really help me

I purchased knees because my husband just had a knee replacement in December. My left knee started really bothering me - so I thought I would give this a try to avoid replacement myself. My pain started mysteriously a few weeks ago. I suspect since my husband's passive motion machine has taken up the reclining seats of our couch - it's from sitting with my legs twisted up on a chair. I did not have reservations about purchasing this program. And my experience has been good. While I'm not totally pain free yet - the exercises make a huge difference. I honestly have just been doing phase one and can tell a difference.