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6 Week Feel Good Body Challenge Enrollment

6 Week Feel Good Body Challenge Enrollment

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  • 100% Individualized Program: We understand that your situation is unique. That’s why we’re going to build you a 100% individualized program based on YOUR specific needs (we have a short but important questionnaire you fill out so we know more details. For example: when your pain started, what typically aggravates it, etc). We then build your individualized program so that EVERY exercise... EVERY stretch... is perfect for you. Usually takes 24-48 hours to deliver and created by one of our expert health coaches (we can even modify it during the 6 week challenge based on how things are going for you… just let us know!)

If knees are your biggest concern, we’ll create your individualized program to eliminate your knee pain… OR....  you could choose to focus on a different body part for the next 6 weeks (shoulder pain, low back pain, neck pain or any other body part). My team of expert coaches and I will then build your program just for you and be available for specific questions you may have.

  • Access To Our Private Coaching Platform: This is an exclusive platform (offered only to private coaching clients). You’ll track your results, talk to your coach and so much more!

  • Access To Our Closed Support Group: During the next 6 weeks, you’ll be inspired as others go through their plans and reach their goals. Ask questions, share your successes, ideas and hold each other accountable.


  • Bonus 1: Work Closely With Your Feel Good Life Coach for a Full 6 Weeks! (Value: priceless): During the next 6 weeks, you get exclusive access to your very own health coach! They will walk step-by-step with you, adjust your plan if needed, message back and forth, give you bonus tips to eliminate your pain even faster, keep you on track and so much more!

  • Bonus 2: Complete Access To The ENTIRE Feel Good Life Academy (Real Value $564): Our high-end academy normally costs students $47/mo for 12 months. That’s a price tag of $564! And our students are happy to pay it to get access to the life-changing “health hacks” inside this membership program. But it’s yours’ for free, when you join the 6 Week Feel Good Body Challenge.